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a. History and background

Trinidad and Tobago is an independent republic within the British Commonwealth. Its economy is based largely on the petrochemical industry and has widely developed financial, banking, insurance and manufacturing sectors.

Trinidad and Tobago lies to the extreme south of the Caribbean and it approximately seven miles from the mainland of Venezuela at its nearest point to the South American continent.

Trinidad and Tobago is one of the countries in what was regarded as the British West Indies and is presently a member of the Caribbean Community. The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago comprises two islands: Trinidad, which is 4,827 square kilometres (1,886 square miles) and Tobago which is 300 square kilometres (117 square miles). There are two international sea ports in Trinidad: Port of Spain and Point Lisas. Trinidad has an international airport at Piarco and Tobago’s international airport is at Crown Point.

The local language is English. The population is approximately 1.3 million and the currency is Trinidad and Tobago Dollar (TTD).

b. Legal system

Trinidad and Tobago is a former colony of Great Britain and follows the common law system that originated in England. Its original laws are based on English legislation, common law and rules of equity.

Since independence from England in 1962 and the establishment of its Republican state in 1979, Trinidad and Tobago has established its own legislation to compliment the existing laws.

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