STEP Journal December – January 2012/13

Volume 20 | Issue 10
Consultations by the dozen
Martyn Gowar comments on the mass of government consultations that have taken place in the UK in recent months
It says education on the tin…
David Harvey sets out STEP’s values
Mediation: developing your skills
Grant Jones, Peter Pexton and John O’Connor speak to the STEP Journal about the new STEP course in Mediation
Enforceability and confidentiality
Richard Frimston on the conflicts raised by changes to the French tax code
Where common law meets civil law
Shammeem Abdoolakhan reviews the similarities and differences between the foundation and the trust in Mauritius
Richard Burton, red suits and Santa Clore
Amanda Edwards on the tricks and traps of domicile
Just a minute
John Harper on the importance of accurate and efficient minute-taking
Listen and learn
As Michael Young retires as Chairman, he encourages his successor to keep an open mind and, most of all, enjoy the role, writes Jennifer Palmer-Violet
Beyond the numbers
Caroline Raeber-Piraud and Valerie Remoquillo-Jenni consider how wealthy families can use philanthropy as an inclusive and rewarding platform for promoting shared values across generations
Good growth
Betsy Brill and Susan Winer on trends and opportunities in international giving
Foundations for philanthropy
Zillah Howard considers the benefits of Jersey foundations for philanthropic purposes
Trust in change
Clare Stirzaker explains why advisors to Middle Eastern clients have to adapt to embrace new wealth strategies
Culture shift
Lynda O’Mahoney on the importance of pension schemes in the Middle East
The succession process
Deborah Webster takes a look at wealth transition in the Middle East
Deal of the decade
Meir Linzen and Guy Katz outline the special ten-year Israeli tax regime for new immigrants and returning long-term residents
Taking up residence
Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti considers residence and retirement options in Malta
A very versatile vehicle
Annalise Micallef considers the benefits of Maltese foundations as an estate-planning tool
The powers that be
Emily Yiolitis considers settlor-reserved powers – a new feature in Cyprus trust legislation
Regulation: Keeping in step
Neil Perera and Michael Adamberry consider regulatory advances in the fiduciary sector in Gibraltar
With STEP heading for jurisdictions where wealth is growing, Jennifer Palmer-Violet asks Branch Development Committee Chair Richard Pease about progress in India
Looking forward
Pranav Khanna considers recent developments in India and opportunities for growth in the financial services sector
India calling
Sunil M Shah outlines advisory opportunities in India
Wealth planning: all-change India
Bijal Ajinkya on estate planning for Indian residents
Alain Moreau, Jean-Luc Bochatay and Guillaume Aubineau explain the key provisions of the new Swiss-French convention on inheritance tax, expected to enter into force in January 2014
Taken on trust
Patrick Delas and Jenny Bird on French trust reporting obligations following the publication of Decree number 2012 – 1050
The road less taxed
Anton Van Zantbeek and Ann Maelfait consider the new Belgian anti-abuse of law provision
Beware of those shadows
Glen D’Arcy on the fiduciary responsibilities of trustees and directors
Keeping it in the family
Niamh Keogh considers Ireland’s legal and tax regime for trusts
The Money Laundry – Regulating Criminal Finance in the Global Economy
Susanne Munns reviews The Money Laundry – Regulating criminal finance in the global economy


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