Ex-Julius Baer banker plans to blow whistle on offshore account holders

17 January 2011


Details of 2000 owners of offshore accounts at Julius Baer and other Swiss banks are about to find their way to the WikiLeaks whistleblowing organisation.

The information is in the possession of Rudolf Elmer, former chief operating officer of JB’s Grand Cayman office. He has been in exile in Mauritius but is now en route to Switzerland via London to face trial for breaking Swiss bank secrecy laws. While in London today (Monday 17 Jan), he will hold a press conference at which he will hand WikiLeaks the CDs containing the data.

Elmer’s list of the names, balances and transaction details of offshore accountholders includes both institutions and individuals, of which some 40 are politicians, he says. However, he does not intend them to be made public until WikiLeaks has investigated whether the accounts have been concealed from tax authorities.

The banker left JB in 2002 and was subsequently arrested in Switzerland. He was remanded for several weeks in 2005 before being bailed while Swiss prosecutors prepared their case against him. In 2007 he gave similar data to WikiLeaks, leading to prosecutions in several countries.

The bank itself claims it is innocent of any wrongdoing. It puts all blame on Elmer, who it claims has forged documents.





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