The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) is the worldwide professional body for practitioners in the fields of trusts and estates, executorship and related issues.

STEP aims to promote the highest professional standards through education and training leading to widely recognised and respected professional qualifications. STEP also works to demonstrate the value of good stewardship and planning across future generations to governments, professionals, financial institutions and the public.

STEP is a global organisation – a leading professional network in common- and civil-law jurisdictions. The Society is expanding rapidly, with membership growing on average by 1,000 members a year.

Thousands of students worldwide are studying for STEP qualifications. In the UK, STEP supports an extensive regional network providing training and professional development.

For the latest membership (including student) figures, please email [email protected].

STEP offers members many benefits, including award-winning publications, an array of online and digital resources, and industry-leading events. These member services are highly regarded, with 90% of members stating they are satisfied or highly satisfied with the current offering.

STEP advertising policy

1. All advertising and sponsorship, which includes advertorials, inserts, outserts, bookmarks and bellybands, must be approved prior to publication by STEP. STEP’s decision is final.

2. Within the STEP Journal and supplements, advertisements and advertorial pieces can only be placed on the left-hand side (excluding inside back).

3. Double-page spread advertisements are acceptable, but positioning and quantity must be approved by STEP prior to booking.

4. Advertorial pieces must not look like feature articles and must be clearly differentiated in design and font. They must carry the strap ‘Promotional feature’.

5. Strap adverts can be placed on editorial pages.


1. STEP will not feature misleading advertising. This is advertising that, potentially or actually, misleads or affects the judgment of the consumer or which, for these reasons, is detrimental to a competitor or any jurisdiction.

2. STEP will not feature advertising or sponsorship that it considers to be inflammatory, offensive or a legal risk to STEP. STEP’s decision as to what constitutes inflammatory, offensive or a legal risk is final. Examples of inflammatory or offensive behaviour may include:

 advertising or sponsorship that may be perceived to encourage illegality

 an overly aggressive approach to tax, legal or regulatory issues

 making light of legal, regulatory or tax compliance obligations;

 negative statements, either directly or implied, regarding competitors.

Promotional opportunities

Full members of STEP are the most experienced and senior practitioners in the field of trusts and estates. They are the buyers and decision-makers; exactly the people that companies with relevant products or services to promote need to reach.

STEP offers a variety of ways for companies to reach its membership, from publications and online activity to conferences and awards ceremonies. A promotional package that combines several different elements can sometimes be the most effective way of building brand recognition and awareness among the membership.

Please consult our media pack for details of advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

STEP publisher: advertising and sponsorship

STEP works with a contract publisher to produce publications and to sell sponsorship across a range of products. Think Publishing Ltd. works closely with STEP to develop our products.

Think is an award-winning customer publishing agency, with expertise at developing innovative and commercial publishing strategies that deliver clients’ objectives.

For sponsorship and advertising enquiries, both for STEP publications and STEP events, please contact Tom Fountain at Think Publishing on T: +44 (0) 208 962 1258 or email [email protected]

For editorial queries or should you wish to speak to someone in the STEP office please contact Louise Polcaro on T +44 (0)20 7340 0527 or email [email protected]



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