St Lucia

4. other FORMS/entities

St Lucia’s offshore legislation provides for the following:

  • international business companies (IBCs)
  • incorporated cell companies (ICCs)
  • international trusts
  • international banks
  • international mutual funds
  • international insurance companies, and
  • international partnerships.

IBCs form the backbone of the entities listed above, with the exception of international trusts. Public mutual funds require an administrator that must be an IBC. Mutual funds can also be constituted as unit trusts or partnerships. IBCs formed for non-licensed activities (e.g. not banks, insurance companies or mutual funds) are formed in minutes using the Pinnacle online registry system. This system allows the traditional registry processes to be completed electronically with state of the art security.

There is no capitalisation requirement for an IBC. It must have a registered agent, one shareholder, and one director. The shareholder and director information is not filed with the registry but must be kept with the registered agent. The IBC legislation does not allow for bearer shares. An IBC may elect to pay tax at 1 per cent. There is no audit required or accounts to be filed unless the IBC elects to pay tax or is a licensed entity.


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